Value Management Leaders conference II - Value from Innovation!

Value Management Leaders conference II – Value from Innovation!
The 2nd Value Management Leaders Conference has full focus on “Getting value from Innovation”.
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Many companies and institutions struggle with innovation on an operational level but also find it difficult to see and measure the value coming from innovation and change. During this event all aspects of innovation will be discussed. Keynote speakers from INSEAD, the United Nations, multinationals, start-ups, entrepreneurs, investors and venture firms will share their knowledge and experiences with you. You will also be able to work on case studies and see value management in action through our Value Management Game. In between there is plenty of time to meet with peers and experts in the area of Value Management and Innovation.

The programme outline of the day:

08.30: open for coffee and sign-in

09.00: start – Introduction of the Value Management Game (VM Game)

09.15: Kevin Kaiser, Head of Management Practice @ INSEAD – The value required for innovation and the value innovation delivers

10.00: HRH Abze Djigma, Board Member UNISDR Private Sector – Value from innovation in the SME area and developing areas

10.45: coffee break & work on VM-Game

11.00: Roger Davies, VGRIP Managing Partner & Author of “Value Management” – How eliminating waste helps accelerate value in high-tech

11.45: Rolf van Oostrom, Chief Commercial Officer Manus+ – Value from innovation – the sales angle

12.30: lunch & continue work on VM-Game

13.30: case study I-II-III-IV (Home Care Comfort – QOIN – KOI Carpers – BACS)

14.00: case study I-II-III-IV (repeat session)

14.30: case study I-II-III-IV (repeat session)

15.15: panel session and debate on Value from Innovation with Roger Davies, Ageeth van Maldegem, Abze Djigma and Rolf van Oostrom

16.00: end result VM-Game

16.15: closing summary of the day

16.30: drinks and networking

WHEN: Friday, 10 June 2016 from 09:00 to 17:00 (CEST)

WHERE: The Hague University of Applied Sciences – 75 Johanna Westerdijkplein, 2521 EN Den Haag 

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