Value management

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Value Management is about delivering more for less. It addresses the fundamental imperative in our current dire economic climate to grow wealth whilst consuming fewer resources and incurring less cost. Value Management is outcome focused, meaning that we are principally concerned with delivering value outcomes, benefits, to key business stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers and staff, in addition to society and the global community as a whole. We define value as the relationship between the benefits realised by a stakeholder and what it costs them. As economics is the study of how wealth is created and distributed, value is the measure of more for less.

Change programs are the most effective vehicles we have for delivering better stakeholder outcomes and cover all types of and sizes of initiatives from continuous operational improvements to complete business transformation portfolios. So more specifically, Value Management provides a strategic framework and practical means to deliver much greater stakeholder value from change programs, innovation, strategic plans, and portfolios of projects.



Many skills are required to deliver real value outcomes. We do not keep these skills to ourselves like most consultancies but transfer these to you in the way that best suits you. Over the years we have developed a behavioural model that helps identifying value management areas of improvement within your team. We can help close gaps through our certified performance coaches that can help transfer the skills and get the best out of you and your team. At the same time, we can deliver the value management training or an industry-based training and support you on the job with consultancy or interim management. Whichever way most value will be created and delivered.



We work with scientific institutes and boutique consultancy companies to establish the Value Management methodology, as well as to get scale and gain expertise across all industries. We believe that “Before you can multiply, you must first learn to divide” so we are open to partnerships and share our knowledge via books, articles, blogs, educational programs at universities we support, and social media.

HZ University

The HZ University of Applied Sciences is a vocational university in the Dutch province of Zeeland and has buildings in Vlissingen and Terneuzen.

The Hague University

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is dedicated to offering opportunities to help students develop confidently in a global society that is changing faster every day.


ChilliMint is a marketing and strategy consultancy specialising in retail financial services, with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for creative solutions.


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