What we do

Our successes are driven by our passion for value creation

VGRIP makes companies achieve more measurable value at a lower cost in defining and executing strategy, significant change, innovation strategy and major projects.

Value from strategic planning

Our passion is to balance short-term gains and long-term benefits. We help you and your team build a strategy that is balanced and bullet proof.
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Value from innovation

We thrive on determining the value of the unknown and map out future results. We will help you build a solid strategy and assess different scenarios to ensure clear value outcomes can be delivered.
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Value from change

Change is the new standard! We consistently challenge each change programme to the extreme. We build feedback loops into your change programme and continuously link them with the business case.
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Value from go to market

True value is realised when your target group or customers love your products and services. This requires creativity but above all a good understanding of what is of value to your customers.
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