The science of certainty

We help companies achieve measurable value from setting and executing business strategy, innovation and major change programmes. Balancing short and long-term value while creating a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

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Empowering businesses

VGRIP makes companies achieve more measurable value at a lower cost in defining and executing strategy, significant change, innovation strategy and major projects. We benchmark your tactics, create a compelling case based on our Value Management toolset and turn programs and projects into a tangible and optimally organised portfolio. All aimed at overachieving predicted business outcomes with immediate effects. Empowering management to evaluate all scenarios to make effective decisions and minimise impact on predicted outcomes, even when unexpected events occur.

Our services

VGRIP coaching


Our intention is always to leave as soon as possible! But not without leaving you, the team and the business behind fully enabled and empowered. If you have an urgent need to get started and get results that matter, we can do the work for you and start as consultants on-site.

VGRIP coaching


We help you to get the most value from yourself and your team! This helps you in building a successful and satisfying career and creates value for your colleagues and the companies you work with. All our coaches have industry expertise and understand start-ups, multinationals, and SME’s.

Why value management

Value Management is about delivering more for less. It addresses the urgent imperative in our current dire economic climate to grow wealth whilst consuming fewer resources and incurring less cost.


Grow wealth while consuming less. VGRIP helps achieving optimum value for money while satisfying the range of customer requirements.


Our professionals have years of indepth industry knowledge and are capable of exploring all options, alternatives and innovative ideas for your business.


We minify unnecessary expenditure by reducing wastes and inefficiency.


VGRIP delivers a better understanding of your business needs and a clear definition of your stakeholder needs. Improving collaboration and communication with your customers.

VGRIP delivers

Value from strategic planning

Our passion is to balance short-term gains and long-term benefits.
We help you and your team build a strategy that is balanced and bullet proof.

Value from change

Change is the new standard! We consistently challenge each change programme to the extreme. We build feedback loops into your change programme and link them with the business case.

Value from innovation

We thrive on determining the value of the unknown and map out future results. We will help you build a solid strategy and assess different scenarios to ensure clear value outcomes can be delivered.

Value from go-to-market

True value is realised when your target group or customers love your products and services. This requires creativity but above all a good understanding of what is of value to your customers.

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