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Our intention is always to leave as soon as possible! But not without leaving you, the team and the business behind fully enabled and empowered. If you have an urgent need to get started and get results that matter, we can do the work for you and start as consultants on-site. We love challenges in the area of Innovation, Strategy definition & execution, Change programmes with large technology & infrastructure components and Go 2 Market challenges. Our specialties are in the Financial Services, Manufacturing, Government, Energy, Telecoms and Retail mostly across Europe. We work for multi-nationals as well as start-ups and regional businesses.

At the beginning of the consulting exercise we define with you some clear desired value outcomes and regularly measure how we are performing on these throughout the project. We ensure the right level of certainty versus value is applied in the plans to reflect your organisational need. Finally we will create ambition, speed and focus so we can over deliver on value. Always resulting in a business, a team or unit of people that feels enabled, empowered to work towards value independently.



As it is our aim to get our clients up and running and independent as soon as possible to optimise their value, training is essential to reach that. We offer standard training courses for Value Management at 3 levels: practitioner level, executive level and master classes. The training is aimed at transferring knowledge as well as skills and always ends with a number of coaching hours to get you to apply what you have learned immediately.

We also offer customised training sessions for companies or individuals on request.

Some of our partners teach Value Management as part of their regular curriculum in the university as well, so it is also accessible for students as part of their study and executive education.



We help you to get most value from yourself and your team! This helps you in building a successful and satisfying career and create value for and with your colleagues and companies you work with. We provide:

  • Executive coaching; aimed at senior management, entrepreneurs and board members
  • Team coaching; aimed at management teams in middle and senior levels
  • Performance coaching; aimed at people who feel they can get more from their carreers

The extra you will get with us comes from the fact that we only work with

  • Certified coaches that all have an industry expertise and understand start-ups, SME and multi-nationals
  • Coaching sessions where we combine it with sports and special locations to create the extra effect
  • Our state of the art Value Management methodology for change into our coaching approach for individuals and teams.



Over the years we have developed several tools to support the Value Management thinking in day to day business. The two key tools we offer are the Value Management Toolset™ and the Value Management Game.

The Value Management Toolset™ helps you to document the business models and ideas, turn them into change programmes, and identify and measure changes in over time. It saves time in lengthy calculations and building spreadsheet, and creates transparency for all involved which helps in communication and alignment with stakeholders.

The Value Management Game helps companies to increase innovation power. Get more and better ideas discussed and analysed with your current team. Also get more input from more people from within and outside your organisation to the quality and viability of plans. Because it is a game, it is also fun and that helps in getting people excited and use it extensively.