Our strength

Our approach to delivering success

Unlike most other consultancies, we are there to leave as soon as possible! Our key purpose is to help you optimise value ASAP and stand on your own feet in your journey to identify and realise value outcomes. To make this possible, all our team members have a specific industry expertise, combined with coaching skills and thorough understanding of Value Management.



Experts are key to solve the problems of today, generalists are needed to solve the problems of tomorrow. Over the years we have worked in many industries like financial services, government, energy & utilities, retail and manufacturing. We love challenges around large infrastructure developments, complicated business cases, large change programs and the development of business strategies.

To make the best possible impact, we combine your team with our experts. Some examples of themes we addressed include “contactless and mobile payments”, “bank account portability”, “up-stream oil”, “Value from innovation”, “value from knowledge sharing” and many others.



Fail fast and learn fast passionately are the starting point of all our staff to develop and succeed. This is not just in the area of work, but also in sports and in private life. In order to handover the learnings and knowledge we have gained to you and your team we have all got a coaching certificate. This in combination with the ambition to transfer knowledge, experience and get the best out of other people ensures a fast transfer and enables you and your team to make the step change you need at the pace that feels comfortable for you.



Value Management is at the heart of our business and team. And if one thing is clear from value Management that is that change is the new normal. No day will go by without change in one-way shape or form. This also means that all our experiences contribute to developing the Value Management methodology and tools. We don’t see this as a KPI, but as a passion and responsibility we all share and have committed to. We don’t do that on our own, but spend time with research and consulting partners to learn, create, test and move forward.